Presently, as has been for the majority of our history, a small group of individuals have been leading others through circular-logic, inconsistent rhetoric, and lies backed by brute force. They have been armed with propaganda backed by violence, and their message has been carried out by politicians, priests, teachers, propagandists, and parents.
Lifting the veil, while filled with a yearning for enlightenment, we virtuous few dig through the cobwebs of deceit powered by the light of reason; a light, which burns brighter than the impotent untruths that have guided the dis-empowered for generations.
These lies have not been small, and have not been without severe repercussions. Over 150,000,000 people were killed in the last hundred years in meaningless wars that were based on such lies, and billions have lived in torment from fear of government and god.
To force us to believe these powerful lies, they have been repeated over and over again until we can no longer remember what existed before and what could be in the future.

"In order to seal you in slavery, your government must pretend that you were never free. It must shatter your true history into facile propaganda, into fairy tales that endlessly repeat the fantasy that your political leaders rescued you from the scary chaos of liberty.
The murder of memory is the first crime of the State - and the source and sustenance of all its other crimes."
- Stefan Molyneux, The Future of Freedom is the Truth of the Past

It is not the leaders who've kept the populace down--the pope and president do not walk to your home to prevent you from thinking-- but rather the judgment of those in the present. How often is it, when presented with new ideas that conflict with the norm that the commoner lash out with hatred?
"You think too much", "You're making me uncomfortable", "You need to relax", "Don't bring that up".
How often are the greatest minds and thoughts kept down with the simplest of sentences that threaten social ostracization? How many great ideas have been thrown out in order to keep the social norms strong? How many times have you been afraid to speak out because of the fear that you will anger others?
The strength of corrupt systems is not the gun, but the judgment of peers. The judgment of others is the backbone for every totalitarian society, and it should not be forgotten or forgiven. Orwell struck fear into the heart of men with 1984. Big Brother watches over us, and criminalizes skeptical thinking; to which he calls this legal fiction, the "thought crime".
This "thought crime" does not need to have legal backing. Thought crime is implemented by your fellow man, for they strike fear of retribution and ostracization into your heart without the backing of gun but by the dismay of isolation.  
This fear of ostracization harkens back to the tribalistic beginnings of man. It was not long ago that being kicked out of the tribe for questioning the leader would lead to death- not always by stone, but by starvation. Humans have always been a social animal, and cannot exist without the help of others. Though the lone monk who ran away from society and isolated himself has happened, much of the information that he uses to fend for himself was learned by communicating with others. Though civilization is only 10,000 years old, man has existed for 250,000 years with the majority of that time living in the confines of tribalistic beliefs and normative structures. That tribal mentality still exists today, from the abusive domineering father, to the abusive domineering cleric, to the abusive domineering totalitarian leader. So it should not be a surprise that we should fear rejection by the alpha, or those who respect the alpha.
It's imperative to search what they're ostracizing you for. Is it that they believe through reason that violence is the only way to solve humanities problems? Have they thoroughly searched opposing view points that led them to dismiss all non-coercive means and worship at the altar of the State?  Or maybe, they've been taught that they're inherently evil and too dumb to push them out of the confines of oppression, and they need an omnipotent government that will save them from themselves. 

“If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?” —  Frédéric Bastiat, The Law  

Many of us are trying to strike the root of this totalitarian mindset rather than swing at the branches, and I ask that those who’ve not questioned to reconsider the life and beliefs that they are living.